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Welcome to our Sunflower Group

For toddlers aged 2-3 years

Our Sunflower Room cares for children aged 2-3 years.

All toys are accessible throughout the day, however, at this stage of development, children are ready to be introduced to a more structured environment with some educational-based activities.

Emphasis is still largely focused on learning through play, allowing each child to explore various resources and materials, developing their own individual interests as they go. We Support and encourage all children to further their social skills and increase their independence. Direct access to toilet facilities, assists in developing these skills.

Nap time is still an important part of the daily routine in this group, giving children the opportunity to rest and re-energise after lunch, in preparation for their afternoon activities.

As children grow and develop in the Sunflower Group, their range of activities increase and widen in preparation for their final move to the Pre-School (Daisy) Group.

Daily progress is monitored, and observations are readily discussed with parents on an ongoing basis.

Transition to the Pre-School (Daisy) Group is supported by key members of staff to ensure that all children entering this group do so with enthusiasm, excitement and confidence


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