The Wendy House Day Nursery

Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The safety and security of all children, staff, parents and visitors is of paramount importance to us at The Wendy House. The premises are monitored by a CCTV Surveillance System, in compliance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR. Cameras are visible in 12 locations throughout the building, enabling management to oversee multiple locations at all times, ensuring complete protection for all children and staff.


Access to The Wendy House is only via our front entrance. Both security camera and intercom systems are in place to ensure maximum security and protection for everyone entering and leaving the premises. Children’s arrival and departure times are recorded on a Register held in their respective nursery rooms.

We respectfully ask all parents to ensure that the garden gate is closed firmly upon entering and leaving.

Visitors to the nursery, such as prospective parents or contractors are supervised and monitored by the Manager. At no time will they be left unaccompanied with any children. All visitors. details are logged on our Visitors Register, which is held in the office.


Nursery outings provide a stimulating change of routine for all children at the nursery, as well as being educational and fun.

Safety, security and supervision is crucial, with every outing managed in accordance with clearly defined safety policies. At all times, the child/staff ratio must never exceed 2 children:1 adult and one of these must be a trained first aider. Full details of all outings are recorded in the ‘Outings Book’ which is managed by the Nursery Manager and located in the office

Children may only participate in nursery outings with prior written consent from parents.