The Wendy House Day Nursery


Welcome to the Rosebud Group

For babies aged 3 months – 2 years

Our Rosebud Room is a very special place where we care for our children aged 0-2 years. Starting nursery at a very young age can be extra stressful for both babies and parents and therefore we take extra care to make sure babies are introduced to nursery life gradually.

We work with parents to learn as much about babies’ home routines, likes and dislikes, dietary requirements, allergies and individual characteristics.

The nursery room is warm and inviting with a wide variety of interesting and stimulating toys and activities that help develop visual, hearing and speech skills through play.

Staff encourage all our babies to participate in group play as well as structured activities including song time and storytelling.

Physical development at this young age requires close monitoring, from sitting independently to crawling, walking and potty training. Not only do we support and encourage all babies in these phases of development, but we also make sure to involve parents too, on a daily basis.

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