The Wendy House Day Nursery

Outdoor Activities

Our Outdoor Play Area

Access to fresh air and the opportunity for outdoor play is important for children. It’s not only healthy but helps build social skills, develops balance and co-ordination using a range of outdoor equipment and, of course, offers the chance to let off some excess energy.

At the Wendy House, we are fortunate to have a good size enclosed outdoor play area suitable for bikes, trikes and ride on equipment. In addition, we also have a large, covered play area where children can enjoy a range of individual and group activities such as sand and water play, construction in the tool station, getting messy in the mud kitchen or simply just enjoying free play time with friends.

Seasonally, we encourage the children to participate in gardening activities in our small plant and grow garden. Learning about seeds and how they grow and develop is exciting for children and gives them a real sense of achievement seeing their flowers bloom.

All our children, from toddlers to pre-schoolers have access to garden play time, within their group. This always ensures maximum safety, supervision and enjoyment for everyone.

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