our nutrition &
diet plan

A healthy nutritional plan is an essential part of our expert nursery care.

delicious and nutritious meals at Wendy House Day Nursery

As an essential part of the positive support we afford to our children's development and growth, we go to great lengths to ensure we supply ample nutrition. Luckily, there has been extensive research conducted in the subject of baby and infant nutrition and we ensure that we always stay up-to-date with new findings and products.

Again it is essential that we work with parents on the important issue of their children's eating habits, not only to ensure a fully balanced diet, but also to avoid any issues with allergies, or concerns with food generally.

We provide nutritional meals throughout the day - breakfast, lunch and tea - as well as healthy snacks and fruit.




Lasagne with peas and garlic bread
Fresh fruit


Fish pie with broccoli


Roast chicken with potatoes, Yorkshire pudding carrots and cabbage
Banana and custard


Vegetable risotto
Eton mess


Pork casserole with new potatoes and mixed vegetables
Fruit cocktail