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Group Transitions

Group Transitions

With the exception of children who join us in the Pre-School Group, transitioning through each age-related group of The Wendy House will be a natural path of growth and development for each child

We have a very personal approach to group transitions, taking into consideration the physical, mental and emotional needs of every child. We appreciate that changing groups can be very traumatic for a child.

With ongoing monitoring, our Group Leaders are easily able to recognise when a child is ready to move up to the next age group and this is followed up with parent discussion and agreement.  Transitions are done gently and with flexibility as every child is different and their happiness and contentment will, ultimately, reflect in their progress and development.

Experience has shown us that managing group transitions with empathy and understanding has a positive impact on children and parents when making that final step to primary school. We take great pride in seeing our pre-schoolers leave us with confidence and strength of character that enables them to start school on a positive note. 

Completing each area of the Early Years Foundation State (EYFS) forms an important part of each child’s transition to school as this Form, along with an up-to-date progress report is shared with the reception teacher at the respective school.


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