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Family Online Learning Journal

Family Online Learning Journal

At the Wendy House, we understand the separation anxiety experienced by parents when their child is in nursery care.

Learning Journals have proven to be a valuable, interactive resource to help bridge the gap between home and nursery, enabling parents to feel more connected to what their child is experiencing on a day-to-day basis. In conjunction with the EYFS, learning journals are also used to assess more formally how each child is progressing through their early years.

In September 2022 we were excited to announce the introduction of the information sharing app known as ‘Famly’ within our setting. Each child has their own learning journal which can be accessed by their parent using a unique login through our website portal. The journal allows each child’s key member of staff to complete their daily/weekly observations and collect photos and videos using a tablet. This information is available to view and comment on immediately and parents are encouraged to access this and even contribute their own stories of the child’s life outside nursery whenever they wish to.

Each child’s care plan is also uploaded on this portal allowing for parents to view how their child’s care needs have been met throughout the day. This would include what each child has eaten, sleep routine, accidents and any messages / additional information.

Parents are not able to see another child’s journal. Pictures of individual children are only used in their own journals, meaning another parent would not be able to see pictures of your child.

As part of our registration at The Wendy House, we would obtain written consent enabling us to use Famly for your child.

Our staff are always happy to share more information about the Famly Journal, however, if you would like to learn more, please visit the Famly website at


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