Our Facilities

At the Wendy House Day Nursery, we boast a range of excellent facilities - from learning spaces to recreational areas.

The Wendy House Day Nursery features five separate rooms - a Baby room, Toddler room, 2-3 year-olds room, 3-5 year-olds room and a Pre-school room. Find out more about our exceptional facilities.

Rosebud Room (baby group)

Wendy House Day Nursery - Rosebuds baby group room

Our baby room caters for six babies on a daily basis. The room is warm and inviting, making your child feel safe and secure. Our practitioners work alongside you as parents to understand and nurture your child. Your child's daily routine is followed during their time with us to ensure a smooth transition from home to nursery. Your baby will be encouraged to access our resources and activities - these include song time and stories. We have a separate sleep room so we can encourage an established sleep routine with your baby that mirrors your home environment.


Daisy Room (pre-school)

Wendy House Day Nursery - Daisies group room

Both the Poppy and Daisy room incorporate a fun and engaging routine for the children. We strongly promote self-help skills within the preschool rooms incorporating P.E lessons and show & tell day into their weekly plans. We boast strong links with the local schools and our practitioners are dedicated to providing a smooth transition to school for your child.

Sunflower Room (2-3 years)

Sunflowers Day Nursery - Sunflowers 2-3 year old room

The Sunflower room caters to twelve children per day. The room is fun and engaging with various bright displays to stimulate the children's learning. All toys are assessable throughout the day so your child can explore various resources and materials and develop upon their interest as they go! The room has immediate access to a toilet and the practitioners will be happy to guide and support you through this milestone in your child's development.


Wendy House Day Nursery - Garden The Builders Yard
Wendy House Day Nursery - Garden Digging Area