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Welcome to our Daisy Group

For Pre-school children aged 3-4 years

Our Pre-School Group is designed for children who are getting ready for the transition to school life. This is a very important step in any child’s life and our Keyworker and staff in the Daisy Group are dedicated in the work they do with the children, to ensure that this step is a positive and enjoyable one for every child and parents alike.

Great focus is made on building independency and confidence, through learning and play, which is still an important part of the nursery day. Working in a more structured environment, our pre-school program expands on skills already learned such as visual recognition of letters and numbers, pencil grip and control, which is fundamental in learning to write. Children are encouraged to work both independently and within small groups, to ask questions, be creative and make their own choices.

Free play time, whilst still an essential part of the pre-school day, is focussed more on creative play. Readily available resources such as cardboard, containers, fabrics, threads and shells, with a little bit of paint and glue can really light up a child’s imagination and give them a real sense of achievement in creating and completing their own projects to take home.
A quiet book zone, home corner and dressing up station give children access to other free play options during the day and gives them the chance to express their thoughts and feelings whilst having fun.
We recognise that all children develop and learn at their own pace and this should be without pressure or competition.

Keeping progress records, however, are important in acknowledging progress, achievements and identifying areas of strength and weakness.

Staff are always readily available to discuss a child’s progress with a parent and all documented records are passed on to parents when children leave the nursery.

Towards the end of the pre-school nursery year, staff take time in talking with the children about what to expect at school, the different routine, school uniform and even making new friends. Children are encouraged to share their feelings about this move and we, in turn, involve parents and discuss this with them. We have found this to be extremely helpful in avoiding and addressing any fears and anxieties that children understandably have about such a big milestone in their lives.

We are always sad to say goodbye to our pre-schoolers, but it gives us a great sense of achievement knowing that they are leaving the Wendy House, happy, confident and excited about starting school. Equally, it’s important to us those parents share this excitement and confidence, safe in the knowledge that their child has had the best start, in our care.


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