The Wendy House Day Nursery

About Us

Welcome to the Wendy House

The Wendy House Day Nursery is credited to our founder, Wendy McAuliffe, over 33 years ago. With a very clear picture in mind, she took a courageous step in taking a somewhat historic, but neglected, family home in the centre of Hornchurch and turning it into a landmark childcare provider.

Thanks to her passion and vision, The Wendy House fast became known for its family values and commitment to providing excellent childcare in the area.

Over the years, The Wendy House has continued to learn and grow within the community, adapting to the needs of parents whilst constantly updating and complying with childcare legislation and policies.


Above all, thanks to her presence and leadership, Wendy built a team of experienced, loyal staff who came to work every day, enjoying the challenges and rewards of a career in childcare.

Sadly, Wendy passed away in 2020 but her legacy lives on and the nursery continues to be operated as an independent family business, as she would have wished. Many of our staff have a long history with The Wendy House and their continued enthusiasm and support for the success of the nursery is a fitting tribute to a very unique and special person.

Our Setting

As childcare providers, working and communicating with parents is key to every child’s journey through nursery life from baby to pre-school. During this time, we value the commitment and support from parents which enables us to ensure that all children get the best start in school life.

Over the years, we have built many long-standing relationships with parents. As a testament to this, we are extremely proud that some of their children have, in turn, not only chosen the Wendy House as their preferred childcare provider but also returned to us as a valued member of our nursery care team.